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We use several methods to communicate with eachother and to communicate with the listeners and artists.  You can find us on TeamSpeak2, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, or our website chat room.

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**UPDATE** The FULL REQUEST list can now be found by scrolling down on this page.  This was done to try to ease the use of the site and so people could see their dedications displayed.  You must be a registered user to use our request system.  Thank you once again for all your continued support of the station and of the artists!  ~DJ D


Independent Artists

We support  Independent Artists of every genre.

The music world as we know it has taken a turn. Just like so many other Internet Radio Stations we are setting our sights and support on the Independent Artists. 


Mainstream Artists

We do air Mainstream music.

You can still listen to your favorite Mainstream artists at our station.  Because we are a Various Genre station you should be able to find a wide range of artists in our playlist.



Music Submissions

Yes. You can submit your music to the station. 

We do take submissions from the artists and/or their promoters.    At no time will your music be given to anyone outside of our station.  There are several ways to submit music. 



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